This long-legged beauty can surely turn heads. Weather its the infectious smile, the killer body, the contagious laugh or all of the above Juliette is a model force to be reckoned with!

Born & raised in Nelson, New Zealand, Juliette Perkins is a spirited soul with a smile that would melt most hearts. A self-confessed chiller, she is cool, calm & oh so collected… exactly the kind of woman we hero at It’s Now Cool.

"I’ll do a really hard workout the night before on my abs and booty so that I feel tight and strong for the morning of the shoot. Lots of music plays in the morning & I’ll do a big stretch out."

Walk us through your introduction to the modelling world? How did it all kick off for you?

It all started when a photographer/model from my hometown (Nelson, New Zealand), asked if I wanted to shoot with him when I was 13. He was already with Red11 (Mother Agency), & sent the photos in to them. I think the next week I was signed & the week after that I signed with IMG worldwide.

Since the introduction of social media, the world has gone gangbusters! How do you use social media most often? i.e. to socialize, find inspiration, network, have a cheeky stalk?

I use Instagram for finding inspiration for sure. I follow a lot of fashion accounts and also quotes pages. I’m really into weddings so I also follow a lot of pages like that too.

I love seeing what my friends are up to and I’ve actually made a lot of friends on Instagram. It’s a pretty cool platform.

Talk us through this glorious mermaid hair of yours! Girl those curls!! Which products are you currently using to keep it in such divine shape?

Haha yes my natural hair! My hair is super thick and curly and always has been in great shape even though it gets put through so much with work. My hairdresser (Matt Rez), in LA is the best at keeping my blonde hair in such great condition. I go to him every 6 weeks. At home I use Olaplex and a coconut oil spray every single day to control the frizz & make the curls how you see them otherwise its not such a great look :p

I love the recent pink wash through your ends. Does modelling require you to keep your hair/overall look quite consistent? Or are you able to switch it up?!

Nope! This was the first time I’ve ever done something with my hair and I’m so excited about it. I’ve always wanted to go pink but I never had enough free time to do it and I usually can’t switch it up.

The world is pretty much a global lockdown at the moment - crazy times. Which city are you self isolating from? How are you going!

I’m isolating from Auckland, New Zealand! I’m so happy and grateful to be in my home country. I’m doing really well! I’m such a chiller anyway so I feel good!

How are you staying entertained, motivated & healthy?

I’ve been cooking! Cooking a lot, its super fun. I’ve always loved cooking and always did it most of my meals. Now that it’s every single meal, I get to really experiment. As well as this, a 45 minute workout and tanning … a lot! I’m watching a lot of YouTube videos and Netflix.

Speaking of motivation, that killer bod of yours is on fire!! What's your weekly routine in terms of workouts? Are you a pilates kinda gal or more of a HIIT girl?

Aw thank you! I’m a pilates girl. I almost never do HITT workouts or any other workouts in fact. I incorporate boxing every now and again…. but I do pilates 5-6 times a week, and I love yoga.

Home workouts are all the rage at the moment, clearly! For those of us who want to keep our oosh, tum & thighs toned ... any tips for places or people where we can find some workouts online (or Instagram)?

Honestly I picked a bunch of workouts I know, write them all out on my computer & then put the timer on. Otherwise I'll search on YouTube what I want to focus on and pick a random one. Keeps it interesting.

How are you supporting your locals? Can you recommend 3 of your most loved cafes or restaurants we should all get around?

Pals, fresh fruit & veg shops and Batchwell Kombucha!

Back to modelling. Skincare in the world of modelling is crucial! What does your current skincare routine look like? Have you discovered any products of late that have blown you away?

For skincare I only use LePtir. Its such a natural brand with all the ingredients that my skin loves. I also love Frankie’s Bikinis new skincare range, … it’s for the ultimate dewy look.

Let's talk swim! It appears like your a natural beach gal! Which bikinis did you fall in love with while shooting with It's Now Cool?

I loved all of the bikinis! But my favorite were the nude polka dot one. The plain white was such also a great fit … and perfect for tanning.

The night before a swim shoot, what does your last workout look like? And the morning of the shoot, your favorite breaky to feel good & get the good vibes going?!

I’ll do a really hard workout the night before on my abs and booty so that I feel tight and strong for the morning of the shoot. Lots of music plays in the morning & I’ll do a big stretch out. My breakfast looks like eggs and fruit with tea or a coffee. I like to keep it light.


If you had to panic buy - what 3 items are you stocking up on?!

If we are talking food, pumpkin soup, bacon and a whole lot of veggies.

Top 3 Instagram accounts you can't get enough of?

@endlesslyloveclub, @matisseellaperkins and @jadetunchy

If we were to peek inside your makeup bag, 5 things we'd always find?

NARS concealer, Hula Bronzer, Benefit Eyebrow Pencil, Frankie’s Bikinis Cream Blush & a Mac Highlighter

Red Wine or cocktail?

Red wine for sure.

The gift you most often give your friends?

I usually like to make something, like cake or a creative card or letter. so they can have it forever.

The best gift you've ever received?

My Chanel sneakers .. I cried!

When you're having a shitty day - how do you turn it around?

I change my whole environment, I get out, hang with the people I know make me happy and make good food go for a workout. It takes me a lot to do this personally but once I do it it always works !

When lockdown ends - where are you heading first?!

I’ll go straight to Australia to my apartment <333

When was the last time you were star struck? And who by?

Rihanna for sure when I was like 19. She’s a goddess

During this lockdown period, the 3 brands you'll be online shopping with are ...

Style Addict, Staple & Hue and Prix.