The hair, the body, the divine face + a demeanour that is bounded by swagger, charm & such a relaxed ease. This cool cat is one to fall in love with. And for the extra little cherry on top? She has a voice that challenges the artists who even she admires … think Billie Eilish & then some!

Full package? YAS!! And it’s all Arianna Hicks, the Canadian bombshell who graced a recent It's Now Cool shoot & knocked it out of the park

“Look in the mirror every morning and say three things you love about yourself”

Welcome to It’s Now Cool, where you’re the face of our 2019 range ... a brand you look utterly spectacular in! Tell us about your favourite pieces from the range?

I think my favourite piece that I shot in was the triangle red and white striped bikini. I don’t own a single bikini like it and I definitely wanted to steal it. Red is my favourite colour to wear and white makes me look extra tan so it’s a win win!

It’s Now Cool is wild about women who are wild about their own bodies, shape & knockout skin. What’s your advice around owning your body & losing all sense of fear and temptations to compare yourself?

Well first off it’s way easier said than done but the best practice, as cheesy as it sounds, is to look in the mirror every morning and say three things you love about yourself. It’s hard in the world we live in to be comfortable in your own skin when we’re constantly being shown what we’re supposed to look like to feel beautiful. My best advice is to practice loving what makes you unique because absolutely nobody’s perfect. As soon as you learn to own your imperfections you’re set.

Obviously women are going to be desperate to know how you keep your body in shape - because it’s killer! What types of workouts do you engage in daily/weekly?

I was a track athlete my whole life, so my workouts usually involve a lot of cardio and a lot of core. If I feel like I have extra energy at the end of her work out are usually do glutes.

Now the hair. It is FAB! Where does that thick, luscious lock come from!?!

Funny enough my hair is actually very short, curly and pretty thin. I found a place in my hometown Toronto that has amazing hair (weave) extensions for girls with curly hair like mine. I've been using them for a little over a year now.

Any tips RE the best haircare products to keep the curl in check & well styled?

I use a brands called Olive Oil’s leave in conditioner mainly. It helps maintain curls. I’ve also started using a lot of Aveda and Sun Bum revitalizing products.

Next up, your voice! Arianna, wow - you’re quite incredible. I’ve just listened to you sing Dangerous Woman & Lost Boys. Insane! Is singing something you’d like to turn into a fulltime career? What are you doing BTS to grow your already big following in music?

Music is something that I’ve always wanted to be my permanent and long-term profession. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to pursue that. Unfortunately music can take a long time to see any results, so I’ve been recording for a while but I’m still putting together a plan for the best release. I currently have a couple songs that I’m ready to release pretty soon just want to make sure I’m doing it right.

I think I like your Billie Eilish cover more than the original ... (off the record ;)) Which musicians did you grow up listening too?

I’ve grown up listening to every type of genre … from pop to R&B and all the way to country. Funny enough Billie Eilish is the only artist I’ve ever fallen in love with.

Who has had the biggest influence in your life, in terms of career?

I definitely say my friends and family play an equal part. Having parents who are accepting of what I’ve wanted to do with my career, given that it’s not technically a traditional path to follow - helps a lot more than you’d think.

Your style is on point. Such a trendy lil’ festival queen! Coming into summer 1920, which brands & designers will you be packing your wardrobes full of?

I do have my favourites such as I am Gia, Dolls Kill, Tiger Mist, and other brands like that. I recently also fell back on the Brandy Melville train which always has cute basics.

Back to It’s Now Cool, how did you prepare for the recent shoot with Josie? Any pre-shoot rituals in terms of workout/nutrition?

I definitely think that for a shoot like the recent one with It’s Now Cool, it’s good to make sure you’re eating as healthily as possible & giving your body the best chance to feel the best it can - starting a couple of days before the shoot.

Mental prep wise... the day of any kind of fashion/swim shoot, what does your morning involve? How do you get into the zone to ensure you’re feeling tip top?

If I’ being 100% honest, I actually don't have a pre-shoot ritual. I definitely make sure you get a good nights sleep, eat breakfast and listen to some good music prior.

In your years of modelling - what has surprised you the most about the industry?

I think the most surprising thing about modelling has been getting used to how fast paced things can be. Some jobs can be 100 outfit changes during the day (changing as quickly as possible), while making sure you get the shot.


Where we can we see you sing live...

As of right now you can see me sing on my social media channels (YouTube, Instagram) and hopefully soon ill be doing my first big live show.

If you could be the opening act for any singer/band, it would be...

Billie Eilish

Top 3 songs on your personal playlist right now are ...

Lovin Is Easy - Rex Orange County

I’m Good - Wafia

Cry Baby - The 1975

Your best piece of advice for women in this day & age...

Learn as best you can to appreciate what makes you unique rather than trying to look like / be like someone else. It’s easier said than done but it will make you so much happier.

It's 6pm on a Sunday night and you have no plans, what is your night likely to involve...

Lots of sweets and a binge of either Marvel movies, tv shows or Harry Potter.

A bad habit you just cannot shake...

The copious amount of sweets I consume on a daily basis.

A habit you wishhh you could fall into...

Loving the taste of vegetables and thoroughly enjoying exercise.

The last piece of clothing you bought was...

A pair of checkered pants.

The one beauty product you cannot live without...

Laura Mercier - Low Coverage Powder Foundation.

You could live in the shoes of any celebrity for a day, who would be be...


It's a little while off but your NYE plans this year are looking to be...

Hopefully travelling back to Sydney!

The best gift you've ever given...

I feel like I’ve been known for giving handmade gifts… Really personal cards is the best part of my gifts.