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It's been a hot minute since we last sat down with Nat Roser in 2020! Read the latest interview with our Bondi beauty to discover where she is today, within and beyond the realm of modelling.

Hey Nat, welcome back! The last time we interviewed you was 2020! Any major life updates you would like to share with us?

So happy to be back with my INC family! 2020 feels like a life time ago, but so much has happened! I got married, renovated a home, travelled and finally have found and maintained a nice work life balance.

For those who don’t know already, can you tell us more about your magical online Magazine Series? We want all the details!

Yes! My creative passion! SERIES was created in 2020, around the time of our last photoshoot. It’s an online magazine that focuses on creating timeless, nude art. The type of imagery you would see hanging on the wall of your favourite eclectic hotel. It’s so much fun to work with so many talent people in my industry to freely make pictures with no brief and no ‘product’ to sell. We capture some beautiful moments and I’ve been lucky enough to include some of the worlds most beautiful models in my issues over the past three years! Providing a safe place for my models and photographers to create this type of nude work was important to me as other sets that require the same level of nudity can often feel unsafe and predatory. But SERIES give the talent in front of the camera more control and gives a strong sense of empowerment. Which is very clear from the images produced! I’m so proud of what SERIES has become and how well it has been received.

Your Instagram is practically a travel guide to paradise! Wecan see you have been travelling a lot to the most beautiful destinations! Can you tell us a bit about your recent trips, any standout destinations?

I’m addicted to travel. I feel like I can’t go three months without craving a new experience. I loved my recent trip around Europe. I was travelling with my husband on a round the world ticket. We went from Switzerland to Spain to Greece and capped it off with a visit to the US. It was so amazing to see so much in such a short two months. I felt like a kid on contiki again, but with much nicer hotels. Switzerland is incredible. It’s definitely a must do.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

I’d love to go back to Japan. I’m curious about their beautiful beaches. And I’ve always wanted to visit Bora Bora so would love to schedule that in to my travel itinerary.


We all want to know…. do you have a secret fitness regime you're willing to share with the rest of us?

There is absolutely no secret. Pilates, walking and the occasional weights session at the gym is my go to at the moment. I prioritise rest and recovery and try to train with my body’s requirements that day. A little bit of movement everyday is my key to feeling good about my body.

Outside of killing it in the modelling world, how do you spend your downtime? Describe your ideal dreamy weekend off?

With my family and my dogs, maybe at an Airbnb that’s not too far away or even just hanging in my house. Many coffees, yummy lunches, and beach walks always make me feel satisfied and rested.

Let’s talk lingerie! Tell us more about your heavenly brand Rose and Bare? How did this passion come to life?

Rose & Bare has been my babies for a few years now and I love watching it grow organically. It was born out of a need for more ‘nude’ options in the Australian market and I really wanted to design and produce the perfect G string and the perfect everyday bra! And I feel like I did! I’ve had sooo many beautiful reviews and feedback from women who are just as obsessed with the R&B G as I am! Even women who hate wearing G strings have changed their tune after wearing Rose & Bare. So that has been extremely rewarding.

We’ve all got our beauty obsessions, and there are so many new products out there! What are your two holy grail beauty products you cannot live without?

I’m currently obsessed with the avocado zinc tinted spf and my Dyson air wrap. But my dependence on my beauty products change sooo often. But these two are my summer top two!

You killed it on today’s shoot! It was so surreal being back in Bondi shooting our OG INC girl! What was your favourite INC swim piece you shot?

Thank you! Shooting in Bondi is just iconic, especially with the queen, Josie. I loved the shell bandeau and shortie!! The fit felt amazing and I loved the texture of the fabric!

Self-care and wellness are so important, do you have any favourite self-love rituals?

An audio book and good coffee. Plus a beach walk really helps to calm my mind and come back to myself. Also charging my phone outside of the bedroom at night so I gift myself a more calm, and less connected wake up.

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Last song you played on Spotify?
Closer by kings of Leon.

Last place you swam?
Freshwater beach in Sydney with my girlfriends.

Last amazing meal you ate?
In Melbourne at Society. We had a perfect steak but it was the bread that made this a stand out. I love bread.

Last shopping splurge?
My new vacuum! Haha

Last workout?
An interval weights session, super setting some intense cardio on the rower.

Last time you felt or saw love?
This morning when my husband made me my morning coffee.

Last time you felt super inspired?
On the car ride home from Melbourne to Newcastle with my husband. We love a deep conversation about future goals and aspirations. It really boosts my inspiration.