Miquela Vos.... has been a part of our INC family forever, first shooting with us in 2015!
She is a summer icon with a 90’s supermodel look we LOVE. She has a heart of gold, an adventurous spirit and is so laid back yet radiates a super vibrant energy. Miquela was born and raised in Perth Western Australia, before her remarkable modelling journey took her to explore the world and spend time away in Europe, America and Sydney. Her love for the Australian heat and rugged outback guided her to where she calls home today, a remote community in the WA Kimberley. She enlightens us with self care and wellness tips to keep her daily glow, a travel bucket list and insight into her epic adventures via @sliceofbliss. Find out more in our exclusive interview….

"Keep active and breathe in the fresh air as often as possible, even if you go for slow short walk, just breathe it in..."

You're from the laid back city Perth, Western Australia! Have you always been based there? Where are you currently living?

Yes I’m a born and bred Perth girl but after I finished school I travelled for a few years for modelling. I travelled to America and Europe for a few years while returning to Perth and Sydney a few times between seasons (I am not a fan of the Cold seasons). So I have had a huge change of scenery in the last 2 years and now I’m based in an Aboriginal Community up in the Kimberley. 

We would love to know more about your life outside of the modelling world! How do you spend your spare time? Tell us about your dogs! 

I spend my spare time either Studying for my nursing degree, fishing, camping, taking the dogs to the beach, out on the water on our little tinny exploring, or simply being a couch potato watching tv. Depends on how exhausting my week is and how hot it is outside! No matter how busy or slow my day is I always have time to take my dogs out for a walk or run. I have 3 beautiful dogs, Eddie (Collie), Zig and Mango (kelpies), they love living out in the bush and being a part of all the fun stuff we do out here. Although they are active breeds, they sure know how to just hang out.

With your glowing skin and vibrant energy, you must have some self care tips! How do you keep your daily glow and prioritise self care and wellness into your life? 

Oh gosh my skin has been a huge journey for me, so thank you for the compliment! I was experiencing awful breakouts about 3 years ago for the entire year but since spending time outside, being active and in the ocean more than usual, I have definitely noticed a change! Sunscreen and a hydrating face mask as my essentials. My self care tips for general wellbeing would be, eat fresh fruit and veg as much as you can, but also enjoy those little naughty snacks. Keep active and breathe in the fresh air as often as possible, even if you go for slow short walk, just breathe it in. Learn to say no, this was hard for me but I’m finally learning how and when to prioritise myself. I found I was committing to things that I wasn’t wanting to do because I felt I was letting people down if I said no, but it was just adding to my stress. It is okay to slow down, to prioritise yourself and re energise. 

You have been a part of the INC family for a long time, you first shot with Josie Clough for It’s Now Cool was in 2015! Do you have a favourite shoot or memory?

I was such a baby back in 2015, I can’t believe how long it’s been! Honestly every job with Josie is so much fun, but my favourite job would’ve been the most recent one. It was so great working with such a great crew. We went to a few beautiful locations while shooting which was pretty sick, also swimming out into the ocean with Tilly (Tilly from the INC team) for a shot… we were absolutely terrified but was a lot of fun in hind sight haha.

Your social media (@miquelavos) tells us you love adventure and travel! Do you have a list of favourite places? Where is next on your travel bucket list!?

Yes I love adventure and travel, every weekend or even after work on a weekday I love going down to a creek or secluded beach to chill out, swim or catch dinner.We are about to go on a 2 week trip through the NT and Eastern Kimberley to chase waterfalls. If I listed all my favourite places I would be here a while. My top 3 would be anywhere along the Ningaloo coast (can’t go wrong), Denmark WA and James Price Point. It’s been great exploring West Aus for a few years but I’m itching to get overseas. The Philippines, Europe and Thailand are catching my eye at the moment so I might just have to book a trip with my bestie soon. 

You and your partner have started an epic Instagram page and YouTube channel, Slice of Bliss (@sliceofbliss). Can you tell us what the blog is about and what motivated you to create it?

So we decided to make @sliceofblisss because we were going to all these amazing places, friends and family were always intrigued to see photos so we decided to just make a visual diary of it all. Due to being in a remote locked community we don’t see friends and family too often so it’s a cool way of showing them what we get up to. I was raised camping and boating as a kid so Mum and Dad enjoy seeing me get back to my roots and enjoy what they love doing too. 

You seem to be very dedicated to healthy living and fitness! Have you found an exercise routine that works best for you? Do you have any tips for staying motivated?

I am still trying to figure out my exercise routine and get into a routine myself. Due to uni placements and modelling jobs being away from home, it really messes my routine up. Currently I’m trying to stick to 3 x weight sessions a week and 1 or 2 runs too. The heat and humidity over the summer months really makes it hard to work out, I cannot wait for cooler weather to increase my exercise load. In regards to motivation, I still struggle with this myself. If I’m lacking in motivation, I’ll force myself to get dressed and just start whatever exercise I feel like doing and once I’m started, I just may as well make the most of it. A strange technique but it seems to work for me.

You’re a summer ICON and total beach babe! How do you protect yourself from the sun when spending so much time outdoors? Any go to products?

I know everyone goes on about how important sunscreen is but I cannot tell you enough that it is definitely the key to maintaining good, happy and healthy skin. I apply it everyday and reapply every few hours. I hope to fight off wrinkles for as long as possible. My skin dries out from the ocean and sun too so a hydrating facemask is a necessity. Water based moisturisers are a favourite too. 

My routine at the moment:

AM: The Ordinary ‘Buffet’ & The Ordinary ‘Niacinimide 10% + Zinc1%’

PM: The Ordinary ‘Buffet’ & The Ordinary ‘Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5’

Facemask: Chantecaille – Hibiscus Smoothing Mask

Sunscreen: Ultra Violette – spf 50+ Lightweight skinscreen

Today you shot swimwear from our Summer 22 Collection. Did you have a favourite INC piece from the shoot? 

I can’t pick just one favourite, the entire collection is so cool!

 Are you looking forward to the year ahead? What are some 2022 goals?!

I’m definitely looking forward to the year ahead, I’m hoping to get better at my freediving, be more involved with the community and focus on my health (catching too many colds these days).


Last song you played on Spotify? 

Jordan Mackampa 

What Could Have Been Last place you swam?

Port Smith Creek

Last amazing meal you ate?

Chili Mussels

Last shopping splurge?


Last workout?

A 6.5km 150m sprint, 150m walk

Last time you felt or saw love?

This morning when Mango nuzzled in for a cuddle.

Last time you felt super inspired?

About a month ago with the INC team! Hard workers really rub off on people