Nerize Peyper, the WA babe gone global! We chat to Nerize about all things travel, wellness and self-care. We discover her daily, feel-good rituals, and top hacks for glowy, radiant skin. We are so inspired by her laid-back, optimistic approach to life and the way she is true to herself and her own aesthetic.


You're currently killing it in London!! What influenced you to move there? Are you loving it so far?

I love being in London and have enjoyed all of my modelling trips here. The work and people here are phenomenal — it’s such a nice change of pace and scenery that I’m fortunate enough to be able to do with my job. Feels so good to be back after Covid but definitely excited to get back to Australia!

Your body is insane, so toned!! Do you follow a strict workout routine? What type of exercise do you find works best for you?

Thank you! I don’t follow a strict routine, I work out when I can and definitely love doing weights. I find that hip thrusts and incline walks are my favourite exercises to do — definitely feel the burn!!

Health and wellness culture is growing, especially on social media. Do you focus much on self-care? Do you have any serotonin-boosting recommendations?

Self-care is super important to me. My main focusses are taking time to look after my skin and my hair, I find it so therapeutic and relaxing. Quick serotonin boosts for me are getting some exercise in, watching a good movie or just changing the way I think about a situation. If I can’t control it, I shouldn’t stress about it too much!

Your skin is phenomenal! How do you continuously keep up that glow? Any beauty hacks?

My skin has been a journey, and that’s natural and normal! I’ve found a skincare routine that really works for me and I stick to it religiously. I always make time for my skin, no matter what state I’m in. Once I’ve looked after my skin, the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter adds even more glow! Glowy skin for me is definitely about using lightweight cream products and minimal powder.

If you were on a deserted island and there was one beauty product you could bring, what would it be?

Definitely lip balm! I can not live without it. Maybe an eyebrow spoolie too since it technically doesn’t count as a beauty product.

You have such a dreamy instagram aesthetic! Where do you look for your creative content and inspiration?

 I used to really invest my energy into creating a super aesthetic and cohesive feed. Now I just take a photo if I feel like it and post it. Social media is not real life at the end of the day and I feel so much better having established that boundary! In saying that, I get ideas for outfits or pics from other models a lot of the time but I don’t feel pressured by myself to post anymore.

Would you describe yourself as a morning person or night owl? What time of the day do you find you feel the most energised?

I am definitely not a morning person! If I don’t need to be awake I won’t. I feel most energised as the day progresses — I have a reputation of smashing out all my uni work as the sun sets!

Have you travelled much? Any holiday recommendations or locations on your bucket list?

I’m very lucky to have travelled a lot with modelling. I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives, so I definitely want to get that checked off soon. I loved Mykonos every time I’ve been there, Berlin is cool for an edgier feel and Bali is always a must. Bodrum is also a stunning place that I highly recommend if people go to Europe.

 One of the most exciting parts about being a model must be being able to explore the many creative areas within the industry! Do you have a particular favourite type of modelling? Swimwear vs editorial?

I’m definitely a lover of swimwear modelling — my first shoot ever was actually with Josie when I was a little modelling baby! All areas of modelling are interesting to be a part of, but swimwear and ecom are my favourites.

What would you tell your 15 year old self?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just relax.

Today you shot swimwear from our Summer 2022 and Resort 2023 collections! Did you have a favourite piece or print?

I loved the crimped styles I wore! Love the fun textures and colours.


Last song you played on Spotify?

Dancing in the dark - Bruce Springsteen

Last place you swam?

Scarborough beach

Last amazing meal you ate?

Ramen in Vic Park

Last shopping splurge?

Pink Jacquemus bag for my birthday

Last workout?

Before I came to London, pretty sure it was a leg session

Last time you felt or saw love?

My parents, always

Last time you felt super inspired?

Walking through Camden Markets