Meet the superwoman, Danielle Herrington (@danielle_herrington_)! A strong, sweet & seriously successful model who is on the road to a big, bright, EPIC future! Already gracing the cover of the iconic publication, Sports Illustrated - not even the sky is the limit for this girl. There are zero boundaries. Danielle represents health, charm & commitment and, in her own words #resilience. This babe is an ultimate boss! It’s Now Cool deems it a good day when we’re in her company or surrounded by her sensational words. Over to you DH… enjoy!

Every woman has a few goals to tick off during their career, right? Maybe there are a few mentors they’d love to hear from? Or footsteps they aspire to to follow. What if the footsteps you spire to follow belong to Beyoncé aka Queen Bey? Well! This is no worries for some…

"...so I walk in the room and it’s FREAKING TYRA BANKS! I thought I crashed her photo shoot!

Let's start off by addressing the incredible fact that you are the 3rd African American woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated! Not just that, but the two women before you were Tyra Banks and Beyoncé! Where were you the moment you got the call from your agent & what was your reaction?!
It wasn’t a call. They told me I was going to see the Virtual Reality shoot I did a few moths before, so I walk in the room and it’s FREAKING TYRA BANKS! I thought I crashed her photo shoot. I was really scared! Then she revealed the cover to me! Talk about surprised!

When you're shooting for something as huge as SI, how do you prepare in the weeks/days leading up?
I make sure to eat a little healthier. I work out often already. So just eating clean makes a huge difference in seeing the definition in my body.

You look so at home & at ease in your own skin. We LOVE this confidence about you! Have you always been like this, or has your confidence grown overtime?
No it’s has not always been like this. It’s taking years for this confidence lol. I was always told I was too curvy for modeling. I was always a little uncomfortable with me body. Especially when I was younger I was more developed when than my peers. My confidence came when I got older. I just kind of got to a point to where I was like this is me, this is how I look. I just learned to accept myself and started loving myself more. But it definitely comes with time. So if your not at that point with yourself yet, be patient with yourself!

We're about to hit summer down in Australia - bikini season! That beautiful of body of yours - walk us through maintaining it! What does an average workout look like for you?
I’m naturally pretty muscular so I do mostly cardio and boxing. Then maybe a little Pilates to tone up a bit more.

How about fueling your mind & body? Do you stick to a certain diet or get into things like meditation?
For the most part I eat pretty healthy. If I know I have a big shoot coming up I just stick to protein and veggies. I started meditation recently and it really helps me manage stress and anxiety.

Bikini cut, high cut, g-string, Brazilian cut - the Aussie women are all about flaunting their behind at the moment! Any killer workout tips to share for this region?
Donkey kicks are really good for that area and also squats!

You've associated yourself some hugely powerful & iconic women of late. Tyra Banks, Carine Roitfeld & you've even recently shot a campaign wearing the Nike tutu made famous by Serena Williams. What draws you to these women? Where did you get the passion to work as hard as you do & surround yourself with strong women?
My family is where I get my passion from. There are so many strong, hardworking women in my family. It’s all I know!

"You're the living embodiment to say that dreams do come true" ... A personal message to you from Tyra Banks herself on GMA earlier this year. What's next for you? What do you want in life?
I want so much, but ultimately I just want to inspire young women and let them know that no matter where they come from they can do anything.

Your shoot with It's Now Cool is off the charts! Every single shot is sublimeee. What style of swimwear makes you feel dynamite?!
I love a bikini that has a supportive top and a tiny bottom.

Describe to me your perfect New York day?
77 degrees, morning workout, shopping. Going to concert with live music!


5 things we'll always find in your bag?

Chapstick, edge control, little hair brush, credit card, and Bobby pins

5 things we'll always find in your fridge/pantry?

Hot sauce, coffee, water, garlic & emergen- C

For fitness inspo, who do you follow on Instagram?

Many of my friends who are models have amazing bodies so I’m always inspired by them to workout!

For fashion inspo, who do you follow on Instagram?

I love the Hadid sister’s style and of course Rihanna!

What frustrates you?

Social media. It’s a love hate thing.

Best celebrity sighting in NYC to date?

Andre 3000 !!!!

What time is your alarm set in the morning & what are the first couple of things you do?

It’s set to 6am. I put on some music and make coffee.

If we gave you 10 minutes to run around Sephora and grab whatever you wanted - what brands & which products are you racing towards?

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, Banana Bright Eye Cream from Ole Henriksen, and Glamglow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Your weirdest habit is ...

Not sure if it’s a habit but I prefer my food not to touch on a plate.

If you could summarise yourself into a #, what would your signature # be?