Nerize Peyper, the WA babe gone global! We chat to Nerize about all things travel, wellness and self-care. We discover her daily, feel-good rituals, and top hacks for glowy, radiant skin. We are so inspired by her laid-back, optimistic approach to life and the way she is true to herself and her own aesthetic.


"I definitely prioritise looking after my self and my health. My routine takes a more holistic wellness approach which involves keeping active, staying hydrated & practicing mindfulness."

You’re from gorgeous & amaze WA. There seems to be so many incredibly talented people that come from that far away side of Aus! What do you think it is about the lifestyle over there that breeds this Creative streak?

Yesss I’m a proud Westy!! I think being the most isolated city in the world definitely has its pros and cons, life is super laid back and cruisy in Perth which is one of the reasons its so special but also makes it so hard to leave… I think Perth breeds super grounded and hard working individuals because in order to be successful everyone has to work that bit harder to make it out of the Perth bubble.

Your modelling career took off and saw you working both is Aus and around the globe, even a stint living in the USA with your man, Dacre Montgomery (Actor know for Role in Netflix hit series Stranger Things). What did you love about your time in the US and what did you love about coming home to Aus?

I have been super fortunate to have spent the last few years bouncing back and forth between Australia and the states, one of the things I’ve loved the most about my time in America was meeting so many new amazing people. I feel very fortunate to have friends across the globe and am hoping to get back there soon! There are so many epic places to visit in America so I am definitely excited to continue exploring it in the years to come. As for returning home to Australia I love our food… There are obviously so many incredible places to eat in the states but it was a wake up call realising just how fresh and delicious our Aussie food is.

Your portfolio of modelling work boasts a heavy balance of swimwear campaigns. It must be the ultimate compliment to be booked as a renowned swimwear bod! But as we all know, everyone has a blah day now and then…even swimwear models! How do you combat those days when you’ve been booked for a shoot? What are your top tips to pump up the confidence and get into it?

Absolutely, everyone has their off days… If I’ve woken up feeling a little bit low on a shoot day I try and move my body, whether that’s going for a walk or maybe a little morning yoga flow I always feel better after I’ve moved. On set I think music always helps create a vibe and lifts my energy getting me out of a funk.

With a career in modelling comes a serious commitment to self care. Basically, you are your commodity so looking after yourself is a priority. What is your weekly beauty routine?

I don’t have any strict beauty routines but I definitely prioritise looking after my self and my health. My beauty routine takes a more holistic wellness approach which involves keeping active, staying hydrated, practicing mindfulness (yoga, meditation & reading) and taking the time each morning and night to look after my skin.

How does your fitness and wellness routine roll out week to week and when you are travelling or have big events and shoots what are your tips to keep it on track?

Honestly I am very relaxed when it comes to my fitness routine it honestly all just depends on how I am feeling day to day. My favourite workout is Pilates, I love that it targets lengthening and leaning your muscles. I also love yoga when I’m feeling like I want to take it a bit slower or if I’m feeling a little off mentally, I always find yoga really grounds me and I always leave feeling 1000x better. On my days off I just try and do a nice walk, typically this would be on the beach listening to a podcast!

You attend incredible events with your BF, super glam nights like the MTV Movie Awards & Vanity Fair Oscars After Party. You look like such a pro on the red carpet! What is the behind the scenes ‘get ready’ for an event like that look like?  Have you learnt any Hollywood tips to share?

Haha thank you, I definitely don’t feel like one!! I prep the same way I would for an important shoot, try squeeze in a heated yoga session the night before and drink lots of water leading up to the event so my skin is nice and glowy! If I have time I will do a face/ hair mask and that’s about it ! I haven’t learnt anything in particular, I think after modelling for the past few years I know my body and self now and what works for me makeup and hair wise but other then that I’m just winging it lol.

Do you feel the nerves on the red carpet or has your modelling career gotten you well used to life through a lens?

Hell yeah I get nervous!! there hasn’t been a carpet in which I haven’t and I don’t think those nerves will ever go away. Its such a surreal experience as there is always so much going on, my nerves are always leading up to the carpet and the anticipation of lining up and waiting. As soon as I’m in front of the cameras I slip into the comfort of modelling and kind of forget about the craziness of it all. My adrenaline is always pumping like crazyyyyy so It feels like a blur as soon as its over.

You are an ambassador for The Red Cross. What an honourable role and an amazing organisation to be working with. How did that begin and what does your collaboration entail?

Yes they are such an incredible organisation! My partner and I became associated with them after doing a fundraiser during the time of the catastrophic fires in Australia . This was when the connection was first established and we’ve been partnered and working with them ever since. Due to covid we have only been able to help locally from home but as soon as things Start opening up again we can’t wait to start helping out physically in different communities in need.

With so many swimwear campaigns under your belt (or should we say bikini bottoms ha) you must have a degree in swimsuits! What is your ultimate swimwear fit? What do you look for in a perfect shape or print for your body?

I personally love a high cut bikini bottom !  I think they’re super flattering and elongate the legs. In terms of a bikini top I always love a classic triangle. Ive always been attracted to simple solid colours but recently I’ve been loving bolder colours and prints as well!

Fave piece from the Its Now Cool collection?

I loveeeee love love the Tie Dye prints I think they are so epic! I’ll definitely be purchasing the tie dye string bikini for summer.

What are you excited for or hope to accomplish this year? Can you believe it’s already May?!?

I know it’s crazy…. Time is flying by! I am super excited to be launching my own women’s health and wellness brand this year, which I’m super pumped about as I’ve been working on it for so long. Thats probably what I’m most excited about along with the prospect of being able to travel again hopefulllyyyyy by the end of the year, but I mean who really knows!



Last song you played on Spotify?

PEACH by Kevin abstract

Last place you swam?

Bronte beach, Sydney

Last amazing meal you ate?


Last Splurge?

At Mecca on new skincare

Last workout?


Last time you felt or saw love?

Being back home in WA over Christmas with all my family and friends.

Last time you felt super inspired?

Working with new creatives on different sets every day, I constantly find my self inspired.