If there was ever a face needed to represent the phrase “beauty & brains”, Natalie Roser would be hailed the queen. Buzzing with ideas, leading with charge & constantly nurturing her contagious spirit by surrounding herself with adventure & challenge - this is a woman who goes after what she wants. We’re love her energy & we’re so excited that Nat’s expanded her platform into a game changing digital magazine SERIES. This is where the giving, genuine & brave Roser shines bright. The magazine is her own way of financially supporting the industry she knows & adores. Expressive, a little risqué yet exquisitely polished, you can count us as big fans. Scroll below for an insight into this magical mind, radiant skin & outrageously sexy bod!

If there was ever a face needed to represent the phrase “beauty & brains”, Natalie Roser would be hailed the queen.


"I just get excited about doing things, making things and having things exist! I also don’t seem to have that little voice that plants self doubt."

Welcome back to It's Now Cool beautiful Natalie Roser! We always love featuring you. Tell us ... what's the first half of 2020 been like for you!

Probably just as crazy as everyone else! My partner and I made the call in March to leave LA where we were based and come home to Aus. Mind you, we were only thinking we would need to stay here for 2 months! So it was six months of getting used to living out the year with no plans, no certainty and no idea when we would be able to head back home to LA!

Congratulations on launching your online magazine Series @seriesmag! Bravo clever women! Tell us about the magazine & where the idea came from?

Thank you so much!! I created the magazine just before the Covid storm, with my first issue going live in March. It’s a subscription style magazine made to help support my personal creative streak, and financially support the industry that I work in. The subscriptions help pay my photographers and other team members, as we work together to create beautiful imagery.

As I was developing the concept of Series, I realized that I was in a powerful position to reinvent the space in which nude art is made and portrayed. So, on top of paying everyone involved (which in my industry is strangely rare), I also strive to create a safe space for my models to create the works of art that they’ve always wanted to, but have been too nervous or scared in the past. This is usually due to a lack of respect and empathy from some publications towards talent who are brave enough to shoot naked or implied nude. There is a new level of trust I’m creating between myself as the editor and the model. Which has been amazing! And I’m loving the feedback from both my subscribers and my creative teams.

With the closure of ELLE, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar & Women's Fitness - it's such a perfect time to introduce an online magazine. Having worked in the industry for so long, how did you feel about the recent print closures?

To be honest, it wasn’t that surprising. But in saying that I didn’t expect them to all close at once. I feel very blessed to have been able to model in a time that allowed me to be featured on the cover of these mags, and it's a shame that the new generation won’t experience the glossy mag excitement, but I think its paving the way for new media to come in and entertain these audiences.

Series is a membership only platform. Tell us... why must we all have access!?! What are we going to find when we login to your wonderful publication?

It is! The reason for the subscription is to pay the creatives involved. So it’s more about supporting the people involved that is important to me. The subscription gains access to content that isn’t on social media, and it is in an editorial format that is more enjoyable to consume than a fast paced scroll. It is uncensored, so there are some beautiful, candid body shots that really show off the female form.

Each month there are two releases within Series, and they feature models and photographers from all over the world. It’s been such an exciting process watching these teams create some of my favourite images ever!

This is not your first rodeo in terms of new business! What attracts you to an entrepreneurial existence?

I wish I had an easy answer for this! But I’m really not too sure. I just get excited about doing things, making things and having things exist! I also don’t seem to have that little voice that plants self doubt. So once I get an idea what I think is viable, I really go for it! It’s my kind of adrenaline.

What are the biggest challenges? But challenges you are absolutely conquering with every new day?

As far as my underwear brand, Rose & Bare goes, I feel like I am met with new challenges every week. I’m constantly having to problem solve, learn new skills and make decisions that I don’t expect. With Series Mag it’s a lot of shoot planning, production and then releasing. These are all part of a process that I love, and something that I’ve been doing and watching for many, many years. So I’m not faced with as many challenges behind the scenes. I think its biggest challenge is explaining what the Magazine is, and why I’ve created it. I think this is because it's a bit of unknown territory. I can’t just refer people to an existing brand or product to say “Series is like ‘Y’, but with ‘X’”, because these existing brands don’t exist! What I am trying to build is a bit of a new concept within the industry.

Series must keep you stimulated & challenged throughout the Covid ordeal which is amazing. What does a-day-in-the-life of Nat Roser look like at the moment?

It does! And that's why I love it so much. It has been an amazing opportunity to really focus my creative energy. My day to day at the moment, still incorporates much of the same structure (eat, coffee, emails, pilates/running, eat, emails, sleep), however usually I am travelling between cities for work! So this time has really allowed me to focus on my projects without having to put them down to get on a plane, or go to a shoot. So they are all getting more of my attention!

We can't chat to the quintessential Aussie beach babe without touching on your killer bod! What's your latest workout addictions?

Well I’ve recently had to vary my workouts due to the gym closure situation! So I’ve been relying on online programs to keep me motivated to move. I have a running program “Here We Run” which is a great community based program that sets goals and keeps me on track, and I also have my ‘Alo Moves App’, which has me covered with yoga, pilates and stretching. However, I have been extremely happy to get back to the pilates studios over the past month! I love a pilates burn. It's the perfect workout for my body type and I still haven’t found any online programs that beat a reformer class!!

When you notice that your body & brain is getting "too accustomed" to a particular workout & you need a new challenge - where do you go to find inspiration?

This happens to me A-LOT! And I usually find it results in me just having a week or two of training. So I have to fight the thoughts of that week of rest being a step backwards and allow myself that space from the gym and workouts. By accepting a break from the gym, I often find myself craving a solid workout again!

Let's touch on beauty! What's your current skincare regime?

I am just starting to dive deep in to all oil products! And I'm loving it. It’s been a long COVID winter, and my skin has been dry and I've had what I thought were stress breakouts (who knows). So I’m currently loving oil products from Biologi, Mere and Kosas for makeup! Oil cleaners, rosehip, oil based foundation! I’m trying it all and my skin is loving it.

Any cult products you're absolutely loving?

Kosas tinted face oil. Love.

The new Marc Jacobs mascara is amazing.

I’ve been enjoying the quarantine face mask movement, and I love Alya Skin pink clay mask and then James Cosmetics sheet masks!

To finish off, we are all about celebrating women and their killer curves! For those of us who're already planning for summer ... what cuts & styles are you going to be all over when the hot days hit Australia?!

I’m always a sucker for a quality, minimal tan line bikini. But for my more active beach days, I love a balconette style bikini top. Something that's easy to tan with the straps down, but supportive and comfy! Plus, they usually look cute as a top!


When the world re-opens, where are you heading first!?

Home to LA!

Your perfect Sunday morning involves?

 Coffee and a nice walk in the sunshine

The last romantic thing you did for your lovely man?

I’m trying really hard to master my at home coffee making skills to make him a ‘perfect’ coffee. So far they haven’t quite been perfect, but the effort is there.

5 things we're bound to find in your fridge or pantry if we raided your kitchen?

Potatoes, mini tomatoes, milk, salami and peppermint + spearmint tea!

What did your iso experience teach you about yourself?

That I place a great deal of my self worth on work.

Podcast/book recommendations?

How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz.

Who are you currently stalkin' on the gram?!

@crazybitchprobs for a solid and regular lol.

Rose & Bare @roseandbare, (your lingerie label) current must haves?

The everyday bra. I’m wearing mine to DEATH!

Killer tracks that encourage you to sweat during a workout?!

My pilates class always pumps Mariah Carey for the hard ab parts so I’m becoming dependent on her songs to get me through!

The last time you splurged on yourself, what did you splurge on?!

I just found some size 9 jeans at Academy brand! Which are perfect for me! So love them, and I also splashed out on a gorgeous Bec + Bridge dress.