Below Ms Rodriguez invites us into her daily life to share her preferred workouts, her go-diet, her skin routine, style icons & the romantic story behind how she met her man. We delve into what drives her fiery need to stand up for what is right in the world including subjects such as the very relevant BLM movement & we rummage through her beauty bag to get the juice on what this lovely specimen uses on her youthful complexion. Let us introduce you to Rae. Rae Rodriguez, the mindful magnificent.

Just as divine as her fabulous name, Rae Rodriguez, is one of those beauties who is defined by her own striking individuality. Her charmed ways, her worldly intelligence, that smokin’ body & her powerfully strong-willed mind make for a presence that is could so easily stop traffic.


"People are going to say what they’re going to say - but it’s up to us what side of history we want to be on.

Hello and welcome Rae! What a pleasure to be speaking with you! How are you going during this funny time? Have you discovered a "silver lining" to it all ... something to keep you positive & smiling?

Hi! Thanks for having me!

I’ve been good thank you! I’ve definitely been better, and there was a rough adjustment period when we all went into isolation, but it feels like I’ve come out of the other end stronger. Since I didn’t have the option to work from home, I had a lot of time to look at my career from a new perspective. Reflecting on why I do what I do, it made me eager and grateful to be able to return to modelling.

I can't go past your incredible skin & hair. Oh em gee Rae! The glow of health is beyond evident! in terms of beauty tricks & adored products - what are your current must haves?

Thank you! I don’t any tricks or secrets up my sleeve - I just try and drink a ton of water and keep it natural! In terms of beauty products, I run anything I put on my face regularly through a clean beauty ingredient database to make sure there’s no nasties (EWG Skin Deep). I keep my routine simple with a cleanser and a homemade moisturizer that works for me.

Tell us your story. How did you get into the modelling industry?

I got scouted on the street when I was in high school in Singapore, and started to work as a promo model - handing out lotion samples or fragrance outside of Singapore Fashion Week. When I moved to Australia for university, I decided to join a local agency on the Gold Coast for some extra work. Small jobs turned into campaigns, which led me to an interview with IMG.

Keeping fit & healthy is a huge part of life. What are your go-to workouts? What styles of exercise absolutely drives the results you want?

Staying fit and healthy is a huge priority in my job! Not only does working out keep me in good working shape, it help me feel confident when I walk on set. I like variety in my workouts - hot yoga, pilates, and strength training all hit the spot.

When it comes to nutrition, what does an average week look like for you in terms of the meals you like to cook & eat?

I used to have a really unhealthy relationship with food, and I’ve put a lot of time and thought into eating well. My fridge used to only have a tub of hummus and expired spinach at best. Now, I love making fresh green juice, and wholesome balanced meals. I’ve grown into the type of person who experiments and loves to make her own versions of things at home. During quarantine I started making my own sourdough bread, kombucha, and granola. I don’t have a strict diet but I’ve worked on learning about the foods I put into my body, and try and make sure I'm eating enough whole foods and staying away from mass produced meats. But of course I enjoy a cheat day from time to time.

From Wires Wildlife Rescue, to #BlackLivesMatter, campaigning for The Shark Net Film, Save The Bees, Love Your Body Week... your voice is loud & proud. It's insanely special to see you so passionate & so well balanced in regards to what you stand for. What motivates you to use your voice & speak up? Do you often face any backlash when it comes to social trolls?. If so, how do you handle it?

When it comes to social injustices and environmental issues, I feel like I have to speak up as an educated Woman of Colour. I could spend all day talking about all of these topics, but on the forefront of everyone's mind at the moment is the BLM movement. This is something that has been going on for well before my time and it’s now my responsibility to help shoulder some of the load in pushing for change. This is a global issue and I’m doing everything that I can to educate myself and hopefully share that with people around me. People are going to say what they’re going to say - but it’s up to us what side of history we want to be on. There’s a lot of noise out there but I try and set a good example so the people that look up to me in the fashion community, especially young women who don’t identify as white, can have an easier path than I did.

Your lovely beau! Tell us how you met your man?!

Matthew and I met out the old fashioned way… We saw each other across the room, he smiled at me and came over and asked for my phone number and if he could take me out. He was polite and charming, I’ve always admired a guy with confidence. The rest is history as they say!

Paris, Milan, Mauritius, New York, Sydney, LA, Puerto Rico, Melbourne & beyond! Where haven't you been that is TOP of your list when we're all allowed to travel again?

I’ve been to around 90 countries! My family and I travelled a lot growing up. That being said, I’ve always wanted to go to Mongolia. I also would love to visit Ghana and more of Western Africa to learn about my partner’s culture.

Despite the city you're in, what makes you feel as if you're home-sweet-home?

I find a sense of home in comfort food, food is a huge part of my culture! Being able to find fried plantain when we were living in London, bubble tea here in Sydney, or bringing piña colada mix everywhere we live keeps me connected to my roots.

For a woman on the move, you must be a pro traveler? What do you always make sure to pack when you're off for a modelling gig?

I never go anywhere without my Kindle. As long as I have a book I can be occupied for hours, which is useful when waiting in line at castings or travelling to a location shoot.

You use social media in fabulous ways. What do you find challenging about living a life "online?"

As a model, my online presence is my second portfolio. You always have to be conscious that when you’re speaking to one you’re speaking to a million. A screenshot is forever. So I try and step back from social media as it’s not real life. The biggest challenge is that it’s never-ending.

You've done some incredible jobs to date. How do you prepare for each shoot/show?

I like to be relaxed and confident when I walk in the door to work. I research the brands that I’m working for before I go in so I know roughly what to expect - it helps me deliver at the best of my ability.


French fries or red wine?

Red wine.

Your all time favourite movie & book?

Movie: La La Land / Book: Como Agua para Chocolate

The last gift you gave someone was …

A cookbook!

5 items we'll always find in your beauty bag?

Shea butter, a calming essential oil roller blend, and some lip balm. I’m pretty minimal.

5 items we'd always find in your fridge or pantry?

Hummus, rosé, fresh green juice, chocolate chips, spinach.

You could have a dinner party with any 6 people ... who are you inviting to your table?

Rosalia, Bad Bunny, Sylvia Earle, Malcolm X, Michelle Obama, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Your style icons? And where do you seek style inspirations?

Socials, mags, people watching? I actually often will buy clothes off of stylists on photoshoots! I know they’ll fit me and look cute. Also, I’m in several Facebook Marketplace secondhand clothing swap groups where I find unique pieces!

Career wise, your biggest break to date has been?

My top 3 coolest moments have to be: firstly, making modelling my full time job, being featured in Vogue, and being on the ASOS homepage for a while!

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud that I’ve got a university degree in something I really care about, a successful career, and a loving home life.