Chasing Summer, a whirlwind dream wedding, meat free Monday's, Pilates! Pilates! Pilates! and muscle memory from 18 years of dancing...

 We had a chat with the down to earth, hard working Shannon Lawson who takes a no fuss approach to her balanced life. A refreshing conversation with a woman that really finds the awesome in the everyday!

 Find out more in our exclusive interview.


"My perfect summer is chasing it! I love enjoying the silly season in Sydney and will fly to Europe in our winter. I’m usually in Miami for swim week and tend to shoot on gorgeous beaches around the world! I try and make summer last as long as I can..."

You are such a natural beach babe & so adored by the INC team. What does your perfect summer involve?

My perfect summer is chasing it. I love enjoying the silly season in Sydney and will fly to Europe in our winter. I’m usually in Miami for swim week and tend to shoot on gorgeous beaches around the world. I try and make summer last as long as I can. Work or play, any amount of sun and sand if perfect.

When you’re hitting the beach, tell us what products & brands we’d find in your bag? Other than a killer INC SWIM kini of course ;)

I love the Ultra Violette- Queen Screen Luminising Sun Serum. Its 50+ and amazing under makeup or just on the skin. I try and wear this every day. A reusable stainless-steel bottle to keep my water cold. Earphones and or a UE Boom speaker A couple’s towel. I’m too tall for a single towel. I prefer a large one. A book or a magazine. A bucket hat. I love a wide brim hat but sometimes I want one I can chuck in my bag and crush. It’s also great for hiding your face from the sun when your nodding off. A Sarong and if I’m super prepared a fruit salad/Frozen grapes or a bag of nuts to snack on.

In terms of skincare - SPF is obviously a huge must these days. What do you use on your face & bod?

Ultra Violette- Queen Screen Luminising Sun Serum and the Extreme Screen Hydrating Body. Both 50+ a sit on the skin so nicely. Not oily and soak right up.

You got married in 2020, I just had a quick quiz of your wedding pics on Insty. Your dress was absolutely AH-MAY-ZING! For future brides looking for their perfect dress - any words of wisdom?

AWWW well aren’t you cute. Thank you! We got married very quickly and I was very last minute on making a decision. I ran out of time and couldn’t buy off the rack. (If I could- I would have bought a Reformation gown. cheap and cheerful. I didn’t want to spend much)

I got my dress made by a seamstress in Sydney. I showed her a dress from Pinterest and she pretty well matched it. It was super affordable and done in 3 weeks. What I liked about getting mine made was we were able to chop and change as we went. I loved that I could pick my own fabrics and we had no rules or international wait times.

What are a few few stand out moments from your Wedding day?

We got legally married 2 weeks before at a courthouse. We wanted the ceremony to be personal so we created a script for my best friend who lead the ceremony. It felt more real to us to have someone we knew up there with us as we said our vowels. We started dancing straight after I walked off the isle. I was bare foot before I knew it and the party started straight away

The speeches! We didn’t record them but I wish I had told someone to be responsible for a few iPhone videos of these. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Sitting on our hotel bed as newlyweds talking for 2 hours into the morning about all the fun moments we had. Rehashing the night was so special. 

You’re obviously very dedicated to your health and fitness. What’s your routine to stay so lean & toned? 

To be honest I love Pilates. Pilates is the ultimate lengthening and toning workout. I like to infuse a bit of boxing and HIIT to build strength and cardio. It’s just keeping consistency. I love the saying: In 2 weeks, you feel the difference. In 4 weeks, you see the difference and in 8 weeks, you hear the difference!

What about your approach to healthy eating?

To be honest I don’t really talk about what I eat. I’m not trained to give advice on nutrition and find that everybody's body needs something different. I eat well and try and limit my sugar and alcohol just like anybody else. I’m actually finding that I’m starting to have some intolerances as I get older. So naturally my diet is changing.

During the period of lockdown - did you try any new kinds of workouts that you’ll continue to do moving forward?

I was all about my online Pilates and Barre classes. I’m glad studios have opened as it helps me push myself a bit more than I was at home.

If anything, the hour walk around the park has been adopted into the routine now. I got into podcasts over lockdown and enjoy plugging in while on a walk.

Your abs are ridiculous is the BEST way possible! Summer is coming & we all want what you have! Can you share a few daily exercises we can squeeze into our day to tone up the mid-section?

I hate to burst your bubble but my core comes from my 18 years of dancing. My muscle memory kicks in and after a disciplined few weeks on abs I can make them pop. Overall- Pilates is my go to. I find planks are better than crunches personally, you’re using more stabilising muscles.

Fashion wise, the styles of swimwear & activewear in particular you choose to wear are always so bright & epic! I love that you’re unafraid when it comes to colour, fit, print! What or who is your style inspo?

I’ve actually not realised that until now hahah! I find bright or printed activewear and swim make me go to the beach or gym more.

I just feel more confident in something loud because it matches my personality :) Don’t get me wrong I have a few go to black tights for the gym, but it gets boring.

What is the last thing you cooked & who did you cook for?

Warm veggie salad with halloumi. Tom (My Hsuband) and I do a meat free Monday.

You’re a boxing trainer! AMAZING!! what do you love about it?

To be honest I love it because its’ usually a guy’s workout. I feel so empowered when I finish a boxing session. Yes, it’s a work out but beyond that. It’s a confidence booster.