Yaya, YAS YAS. As sweet as the skittles she admits are her guilty pleasure, Yaya Deng @yayadeng_is a freakin’ force. Launching her career with mentors including world famous Naomi Campbell & Aussie top models Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio … Yaya lights up the lens in ways most can would dream of. Her vibe, her kickass legs and those glittering eyes - Yaya oozes serious, spectacular spunk.

If you love a little model intel, you’ll love our chatter below. Yaya opens the doors into her world & allows us to discover what makes her her. From her thoughts on social media, to style, skin & keeping her body in such divine shape, It’s Now Cool is beyond delighted to have worked with this stunning woman. As we said, Yaya, YAS YAS.


"Don’t be afraid of failure. There will be set backs but you get up and keep going."

Yaya hello! Thank you so much for sharing your time with us! Tell us, how are you coping with the world in such a crazy state right now... what's keeping your positive vibes going?

Hey... it was so lovely working with you!! During these crazy state I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. Starting new hobbies such as reading and meditation. Catching up with friends and family online.

During the isolation periods how have you been keeping fit, active & in shape?

I’ve been trying out Yoga and Pilates online. There are so many YouTube channels dedicated to health and fitness. I’ve actually learned a lot more about my body and different type of diets that work for my body type.

Before isolation, what did your normal week involve workout wise? What are your go-to types of classes/exercise?

Before Isolation I loved doing morning and afternoon walks/jogs around my neighborhood park . It’s my go to because I get to be outdoors and it was also my ‘me time’ to reflect.

Moving onto skin, that complexion of yours is absolutely spectacular! Skincare has become quite a crowded market with so many brands for us to choose from. What are your favourite brands?

Thank you. Some of my favourite brands are Lancôme, Estée Lauder and Nivea. They have various skin care ranges to choose from depending on your skin type.

What attracts you to new products and lures you into try or buy?

I like products that have less chemicals, the more natural the better. However I tend to stick to products that are similar to the ones I already use on my skin.

Back to modelling, tell us how the modelling industry discovered you? You've worked with some elite designers... what a fabulous career you're carving out for yourself!

I was discovered on The Face Australia. I’m so blessed to have been mentored on the show by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio. They gave me to the tools I needed to start my career.

To date, what would you say has been the most memorable shoot?

It’s hard to choose. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of talented individuals; including yourself. Shooting for Westfield is one that sticks with me.

The industry is a different world these days with social media. Can you explain what it is you love about Instagram & what is it about the platform that challenges or frustrates you?

I love that we are more connected through Instagram. Work in the industry is more accessible and you can appreciate someone’s work through likes, comments etc. However, privacy is important to me so it’s a challenge for me to be active and share part of myself with strangers. The internet can be cruel sometimes and it’s frustrating learning how to be vulnerable without sharing too much.

Let's talk swim! What shapes, styles & colours are you vibing for Summer 20/21?

I love how fashion is influenced by the 90s lately. I love a cute colourful two piece. When it comes to shapes I usually look through a look book and see which one catches my eye.

Are you a beach kinda gal? If so, when you're heading down for a swim what couple of things are you absolutely taking down with you?

Beach with friends on a hot summer day is always a blast. The usual essentials; beach towel, swimmers, sunscreen. After sun and moisturiser is a must. Speakers, a good playlist, cool drinks and food for the day ties it all up for a good beach day.

It's Now Cool is all about giving women access to swimwear designs & cuts that make them feel amazing about flaunting their natural beauty! What makes you feel absolutely great about yourself?

When you look good you feel good. In reference to designs and cuts it’s all about me choosing the right fit for my body type. Vibrant colours brighten the mood for me.

If you could give your 12 year old self a message from the future, what would it be?

I would tell her to be brave and trust her instincts. Don’t be afraid of failure. There will be set backs but you get up and keep going.


The last time you splurged on something for yourself, what did you splurge on?

Chanel Purse while in Nairobi back in February this year

I couldn't help but notice a picture of delicious donuts on your Instagram! What is your guilty pleasure?

Skittles & sweets in general are my guilty pleasure

If you weren't modelling, what would you be doing?

I would most likely be in the corporate industry working 9-5

Your weekend morning ritual when you're in Sydney?

Sleep in or lay in bed longer than usual listening to music & on social media at the same time before I start my day.

The last Nextflix series you binged?


If we opened your beauty bag, what 5 items would we always find?

Perfume/deodorant, lip balm, lip gloss, hair brush & moisturiser (travel sizes)

Your favourite 3 Instagram accounts to follow?

The Shaderoom, The Good Quote, Spiritual World

One meal you cook/eat every week without fail?

Any seafood with salad on the side

A bad habit you can't shake?

Accidentally skipping meals (breakfast especially)

Your most adored memory?

Visiting Juba South Sudan for the first time