At home in her own skin, in heaven when submerged in the ocean waves or cuddled up on the couch with her man, its lifes simple pleasures that fuel the fire in Caseys belly. To discover how this Sydney sidin’ beauty tones her waistline, shapes the calves we all crave & effortlessly nails her sultry glow, scroll down at dive in. This is a babe who lives by an uncomplicated yet powerful mantra, “be a good person” … and we are all about it.

Casey has a natural eye for refined style, a body made for the beach & a cool factor that is off the charts. Way Off. A woman who surfs, skates, rocks a fedora & looks perfectly at home when placed under a palm tree is a woman we naturally gravitate towards. Who doesn’t?

"I’ve really learnt through the years is to be yourself over anything. I used to hold back at work but now I find people tend to hire me because of my personality! So always be yourself and be a good person."

IT'S NOW COOL adores babes who seek comfort & solace by owning the skin their in & flaunting what makes them feel great! What do you most love about your own body? Don't be shy, confidence is everything in our eyes!

I love this question! I love seeing girls in our industry who are so confident in their own skin! I love my breast bone in between my boobies haha! I used to hate it during school because a lot people used to make fun of me for it as it is larger than most! But I’ve grown to really love it and how it compliments my body :)

What do you feel as though you've had to learn to love over the years? It's funny how our confidence can grow with time!

I’ve really learnt through the years is to be yourself over anything. I used to hold back at work but now I find people tend to hire me because of my personality! So always be yourself and be a good person.

Looking through your Instagram it seems you live in a world of summer! We LOVE this vibe. But do tell, how do you cope during the colder months?

Yes I love summer! Living on the Northern Beaches is a dream & I pretty much live in the ocean! But yes the colder months really do suck, especially when I hear we are going to have a wet summer this year! But I must say I do love watching movies with my boyfriend and cuddling up with some tea!

Ok let's get to that divine body of yours! Firstly your waist!!! Yikes girl, it's phenomenal! Since Kim K launched her "waist trainers" all those years ago - loads of gals love a little tip regarding keeping their waist nice & toned? Any tips?

Haha wow thank you! I’ve always had curvy hips and a smaller waist but my tip would have to be reformer Pilates! I started Pilates this year and wow my body has never been so toned and lean!

In general, walk us through a week of workouts?

Ok soo I try do Pilates 3 times a week! A surf a week and a skate! I also try walk a lot on my days off, mostly on the sand! So good for the calves!

Skin is another stand out lovely Ms James. What is your current go-to skincare regime?

Thank you! I’ve been really into my skin care lately, but have realised less is more! Normally I’ll put on a vitamin C serum and a sunscreen/moisturiser in the mornings! For the night time I like wearing a Marula oil to bed :)

If there was one thing about yourself you've learned during the recent Covid times - what would it be?

That family is everything and comes first! And to enjoy a break once in a while! Not to overload so much on work.


Your chosen cocktail? Or do you prefer a wine? And which is the go-to Sydney bar?

A beer! All the way. Probably The Newport is my favourite :)

Your usual alarm time & what are you getting up for?

7:30! Always waking up and doing something active!

Three things that are ALWAYS in your fridge or pantry?

Eggs, Tuna and Chocolate!

Five things that are ALWAYS in your beauty bag?

Eyebrow brush

Lanolin woolfat

Lip liner


Santal 33 perfume

Your self confessed worst habit?

 My bad posture!

Best trait?

Always on time. Punctual

The one thing you love the most about your man?

Ah this is tough there are so many! I love his drive, and how he pushes me to be better ! And his beautiful eyes.